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  • Dean Ridge

Key trades -why Joinery and Electrical Services are so critical to the Project Programme

During the execution of a typical workplace fitout project, two trades are the keys to the project’s success in terms of making the contracted completion date , and avoiding compression costs for any extra works required to make the target date. Joinery and Electrical Services are so important because they have to slot into works by other trades, and their total works can’t be completed until other components, partitions, finishes trades, ceilings, hydraulics, etc., are completed in a staged manner.

With the partition trade being a co-ordination work, both Joinery and Electrical have to wait until at least the studs are setout and erected for Electrical, so that power and data can be reticulated before the walls are sheeted both sides. Joinery needs the partitions to be sheeted so that built-in joinery can be site measured for construction to commence off-site in the factory. Light fitting installation is dependant on partitions being erected to determine centre line setouts and offset dimensions from partitions for exact installation dimensions.

Inbuilt joinery can also be fully fabricated off site and have templates made so that the partitions can be erected to suit the joinery, not the other way round. This process places far greater pressure on the accuracy of the setout and the build, the partition trade being notorious for not being the most exacting of trades.

By having these critical trades inhouse, RedEye Interiors have far greater management control over both the programme and any potential compression cost over-runs. The ability to introduce these trades early on in the design and budget setting streamlines the design process and improves buildability, confirms programming and identifies any long lead time items of work. It also promotes a greater team work approach to the project, all parties, especially the client can benefit greatly from this holistic approach to project delivery.

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